I believe that this article should challenge all of us who have been privileged by God and has been entrusted with the ministry of teaching His Word. What are teaching?

Apostle Paul warns us in Galatians 1:8: “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”


“There is a school of theology rising up in this day, which appears to me most eminently calculated to promote infidelity, to help the devil, and to ruin souls! It comes to us like Joab to Amasa – with the highest professions of love and liberality. (2 Samuel 20:9-10)

“‘God is all mercy and love!’ according to this theology. His holiness and justice are completely left out of sight! Hell is never spoken of in this theology – its talk is all of Heaven! Damnation is never mentioned – it is treated as an impossible thing. All men and women are to be saved!

“‘Everybody is right! Nobody is wrong! Nobody is to blame for any action he may commit! It is the result of his circumstances! He is not accountable for his views, any more than for the color of his skin! He must be what he is! God…

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  1. Ryle , who Ink quotes here, had a few things to say about the love of God.
    All good ones.He appears to have had much more to say against license than legalism. We need to distinguish between license and legalism.
    Ryle is ryled about license. The idea that God is only love, that Jesus died for us, and now we can take grace for granted and sin willfully.
    The Apostle Paul wrote Galatians to Christians to defend them and the Gospel from legalism, the idea that we take some kind of our own works to Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.Legalistic religious leaders were the primary enemies of Christ and leaders in the crucifixion. Legalistic religious leaders tormented Paul his entire ministry. I believe legalism is still the primary threat to the purity of the Gospel today.Pastor Tim Keller believes this as well. What do you think? Is a moralistic view of Christian theology the norm as Keller states?

    1. Thanks Christ Centered for your explanation. I do agree that legalism is still the primary threat to the purity of the Gospel today.The tempation is always there to add something to the Gospel, but may God grant us the grace to preach the Gospel contained in His Word.

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