Happy 53rd Birthday, Malawi

Yesterday, Malawi celebrated 53 years of independence. I took time to reflect  and thank the Lord for his goodness and blessings upon my country.  Ended up with this piece… 

I saw him at one of the world’s busiest airports this other day

“I need to see your documents,” the officer said

He was then denied entry into the country

He was a stateless person, I heard

It was my first time to learn of the term

I have a place in Southern Africa I call home

But eight million aren’t citizens of any country

I uttered a brief prayer of thanksgiving to my Lord

For a state I often take for granted

Malawi is not what we want her to be

But she is also not what she used to be

Stop now and count our blessing one by one

Proud of her people who are strong and get along

Working, building and praying

Many without noise and recognition

To make her what we would want her to be

Confident we will get there, if Christ tallies…

Happy 53rd Birthday Malawi, Happy Birthday the land of my birth!


2 thoughts on “Happy 53rd Birthday, Malawi

  1. Grace Morton says:

    Thank you my brother for sending me this lovely remembrance of your birthplace.

    I wanted to let you know that I recently attended a small Presbyterian church near me. There was a missionary from Malawi speaking. After the service I made my way to his wife and told her how I had come to know you folks on FB and have been praying for your family ever since. She was delighted and told me to tell you there names were Sandra and Tom. She told me you would know them. She had high praise for you and your zeal for the Lord. We had a very nice conversation.

    Pray all is going well for you and your family. I have not been very faithful in thanking you for your news letters but just want you to be assured I do read them and pray. My health has not been the best but I know God is very near and I receive comfort in that. Give my love to your lovely wife.

    May God bless Grace Morton


    • Thank you very much sister for reading the post and leaving your comment. Yes, I know Tom and Sandra. They are a wonderful couple. They love the Lord and have a heart for Malawi. We plan and hope to work together in Malawi, the Lord wiling. We are all doing well here, thank you very much for your prayers. We will also continue to remember you and your husband in our prayers. The Lord is good all the time. Every blessing in Christ.

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