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God-Centered Worship: Liturgy

Today, I would like to continue discussing God-centered worship by looking at liturgy. Liturgy basically refers to the order of worship or the program of how we do various things when we meet to worship God in our churches.

Having a program is a very good thing and God loves order (1 Corinthians 14:33); however, sometimes what we do in our order of services hinders us from having a God-centered worship. For instance, in some churches you find that more time is spent on various activities and preaching of God’s Word is given a very short time.  How can we have a God-centered worship when the time we allocate to God to speak to us is very minimal while all the other activities are given too ample time?

In our churches, we have singing groups. These groups when they sing God-centered songs are very essential part of worship; however, sometimes they hinder a God-centered worship. I have seen with my own eyes groups singing just to entertain instead of leading people into God-centered worship.

Then there are announcements. I have gone to churches where almost one-half of worship service goes to announcements regarding finances and other things.  This is a problem because it’s supposed to be a service of worship where believers are allowed more time to focus on God rather on matters which can equally be handled in different forum.



2 thoughts on “God-Centered Worship: Liturgy

  1. Yes, our God is a God of order. However, I agree, that sometimes our church leaders become too caught up in rigidly following a program to the letter! Sometimes, God has something to say about that! Sometimes the Lord wants to fill the house with smoke! The Bible tells us to quench not the Holy Spirit! Yet, on so many occasions, that is exactly what occurs in the worship services on a daily basis! The worship service is all about Jesus! It isn’t about us! Our God is just so good! He blesses us, when we worship Him! When creating church programs, it should be placed in a prominent place, “Program Subject to Change without Notice!” Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you! I enjoyed your post!


    • Paulette,
      Thanks for your comment. Regarding the rigidity to program, it is a topic that I haven’t tackled in the post and ought to be tackled at length I believe. My main concern, is that we should not allow other things cloud our program so much that we have very little time to focus on God or Christ. Christ should be the main reason we meet and all these other things should take secondary stage. How long we can spend focusing on Christ? I can’t give a limit but as long as all glory goes to God then that worship is God-centered and that’s the prayer of my heart.
      Once again thanks for taking your time to comment. I appreciate so much. To God be the glory!

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